Turkey where the world’s richest deposits of natural stone located in the Alpine zone. Turkey has an estimated reserves of 5 billion m3 (176 ft3)on the marble. This value corresponds to an estimated one third of the world’s reserves. Turkish natural stone industry has a very lucky place in the natural stone market in terms of  the variety and richness of the reserve, the abundance of raw materials, ease of sea transport and wide diversity of colors.

The sector with high export potential, domestic consumption and export and manufacture of machines for natural stone makes a substantial contribution to Turkey’s economy. Especially in recent years ,  classical marble began to change production methods, smodern production methods began to use more skilled labor and advanced technology, investment in large firms has launched an integrated production facilities. Therefore,a significant increase in processed marble production has been recorded.

Our company has enough reserves in the world market in a unique position in our country deserves to transport natural stones starting as of year 2012 with the aim of contributing to the continent of Central and North America there are export-oriented promotional activities. Our medium-term investment plan, within the scope of Turkey, is removed, processed and made ready to be implemented as part of the natural stone coverings on display to showcase our target to open showrooms in the United States has. Building industry sub-branch of Balbay, Balbay Stone, turnkey projects, or in the form of direct procurement of products aims to bring new services to the continent.