About Us

Balbay was founded by Ismail Balbay in 1982 as a family company. In response to the needs of commercial activities, Balbay has changed its structure as llc. and been serving since 1993. Today, our company produces housing with the latest technology and the carcass system design (both concrete and timber)  that provides  earthquake-resistant behavior. Our buildings are  being made with the building metarials that are sre subject to high-technology production and continuous quality control of TSI (Turkish Standard Instution) and ISO-9001 quality certificate. Being aware of the requirements of the era in which, always aimed to remove the bar to the next level, combining past experiences with the dynamism of today looks to the future with Balbay projects produced.

Our company is located in the capital city of Turkey in Ankara, in the industrial area. In order to meet the needs of factories and housing construction materials and equipment around the factory, our company opened a store as a sub-branch Balbay Market”. We also are a dealership of industry’s leading companies, such as Baştaş Cement, Lafarge Gypsum Dalsan, Entegre Harc Industry, Kılıçoğlu, Canakkale Tile & Ceramics, Marshall Dye, Design Group and Egepen Deuconinck. Adopting the principle of customers to deliver the right product at the right time, Balbay Market serves not only within its own interland but also in Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Marmara and Aegean regions.

Turkey has a large reserve of natural stone in the world market. As the year 2012, in order to bring the Turkey`s natural stone export to the level it deserves, our comapny has export-oriented promotion activities in Central and North America. Our medium-term investment plan is to make new investments in the United States to exhibit natural stone coverings that are Turkey extracted, processed and made ​​ready to implement.

Sub-branch of Balbay , “Balbay Natural Stone” aims to bring new services such as turnkey projects, or in the form of direct procurement of products to the continent.

Our goal is to build housing that offers good quality of life to owners of places in safe, spacious and modern structures. We plan to reach our goal byy following all of the improvements related to the construction sector and showing the maximum attention to customer satisfaction.

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